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In Brief

  • November 28th Meeting (Minutes) On Tuesday November 28th the community had its first organizing meeting around Cooper Playground, graciously hosted by staff from Longfellow Community Council and moderated by Sarah Robinson, at the Bethlehem Covenant Church. Thanks to all those that helped pull it together and to everyone that was able to make it out (or via Zoom).
  • Cooper Playground Organizing Meeting The neighborhood is invited to attend an organizing meeting on November 28th to discuss the first steps in preserving the Cooper property as a community gathering place for all. The event will be held at the [Bethlehem Covenant Church]( (3141 43rd Ave S), starting at 7pm and running to 8:30pm. A childcare option is available onsite.
  • MPS Town Hall

    Last Thursday, Nov 2nd, Minneapolis Public Schools hosted the much-anticipated Listening Session about the Cooper Playground. The meeting took place in the gym of Howe Elementary, and was run by MPS’s Interim Superintendent Rochelle Cox and School Board Commissioner for our area Lori Norvelle. Assistant Superintedent Ryan Strack from MPS was also in attendance, as well as Becky Alper (MPRB), Andrew Johnson (City Council), and Samantha Sencer-Mura (State House).

  • Questions for Tonight's MPS Listening Session

    Before tonight’s listening session (6pm @ Howe Elementary) with Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) leadership it may be beneficial to share some of the questions surrounding the removal of playgrounds, including Cooper, and what the future of MPS properties holds. And I think it is important for anyone who has comments/questions for MPS to speak up now, whether it is a simple point of clarification or sharing fond memories of the playground(s).

  • LCC Equitable Development Committee Meeting

    Tonight was a regular meeting of the Longfellow Community Council (LCC) - Equitable Development Committee, and the topic of the Cooper Playground was likely the most dominant point of discussion. There were 3 or 4 supporters of the playground in addition to a few committee members and staff in attendance.

  • Minneapolis Parks & Rec Board Meeting

    A few nights ago I attended a regular Minneapolis Parks & Rec Board meeting at the Mary Merrill MPRB headquarters and a few others watched via the MPRB’s live stream on Youtube. It was the first full board meeting of the MPRB since the news of the Cooper playground demolition was shared, and was seemingly the first time at least some of the board members had heard of the removal.

  • Listening Session

    The Minneapolis Public Schools board just set a date for a community forum at Howe Elementary, Nov. 2nd at 6pm:

  • An opportunity for Cooper

    A week ago some parents in the Cooper neighborhood got wind that Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) had a quick plan to remove the playground structures behind the long-disused Cooper Elementary school on 33rd Street and 45th Ave. The timeline given was “in the coming weeks”, accelerated due to safety concerns about the old equipment.