Get Involved

We are asking that anyone who sees value in more playgrounds, rather than fewer, to reach out to the key decision makers and city leaders with respectful letters of support– support for playgrounds, parks, strong communities, and strong kids.

Below is a list of contacts, predominantly for those in government such as with Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board (MPRB), and City Hall. The list does not include other stakeholders– please talk with your neighbors, educators, and anyone else who might have an interest in expanding access to playgrounds.


Board of Education

Lori Norvell

Director, District 5

Rochelle Cox

Interim Superintendent

Ryan Strack

Assistant to the Superintendent


Becky Alper

Commissioner, District 3

Cathy Abene

Commissioner, Vice President, District 6

Meg Forney

Commissioner At Large, President

Billy Menz

Commissioner, District 1

Steffanie Musich

Commissioner, District 5

Tom Olsen

Commisioner At Large

Elizabeth Shaffer

Commisioner, District 4

Becka Thompson

Commissioner, District 2

Charles Rucker

Commissioner At Large

City Council

Aurin Chowdhury

Councilmember, Ward 12

State Legislature

Samantha Sencer-Mura

State Representative, District 63A

Zaynab Mohamed

State Senator, District 63

Contact Form

Longfellow Community Council

Minneapolis Public Schools

MPS hosts a public comment period monthly at their Regular Business Meetings. The meetings are on Tuesday evenings on Broadway and Fremont Avenues (1250 W Broadway Ave Minneapolis) at 5:30pm. From the MPS Website:

The School Board will hear up to twenty-five (25) public comments at monthly regular business meetings. Fifteen (15) slots will be available by pre-registration beginning four (4) days prior to the meeting and ten (10) slots will be reserved for in-person sign up 5:15pm on the day of the meeting.

Speakers are limited to a short 2 minutes, and for submitting comments (without expectation of response from the Board). Sign-up registration can be done here (EventBrite).

Minneapolis Parks & Rec (MPRB)

MPRB hosts a twice-monthly regular meeting of their board on Wednesday nights, the first and third of the month (and it can meet on the second Wednesday as well), at 5pm at the Mary Merrill Headquarters near Broadway Ave and West River Road (2117 West River Road N Minneapolis).

At each meeting, at 5:30pm, the floor opens to public comment on any topic, 2 minutes for each speaker and total time not exceeding 15 minutes (allotted time is not guaranteed, and can be between 30 seconds to 3 minutes). Sign up to speak by either calling 612-230-6400 before 3pm the same day, or signing up at the front desk before the meeting (time limited). Alternatively, submit a question/comment in writing to by noon the same day. You do not have to stick around to hear the rest of the board meeting after public comments, and typically it’s not a very large crowd. If you want to watch from afar, the meetings are live-streamed on the MPRB youtube channel.